Sunday, December 25, 2011

Do It Yourself – Homemade Nail Polish Rack/Stand Tutorial

Hi Everyone!

This video is different than what I normally do. When I was shopping online for a nail polish rack I found that it was just way too expensive to buy them. Making them at home is much cheaper! It does take some time but it is worth it in the end.

Here is a quick breakdown of the pieces for the rack:
Base/Frame – 12 inches by 6 inches (2 pieces)
Side Pieces – 7 inches by 7 inches (1 piece, which will be cut diagonally into two triangles)
The base/frame will serve as 1 tier (T1)
T2 – 12 inches by 4.5 inches (1 piece)
T3 – 12 inches by 3 inches (1 piece)
T4 – 12 inches by 1.5 inches (1 piece)
Each tier has two legs
Legs – 12 inches by 1 inch (6 pieces)
Front piece – 12 3/8 inches by 7/8 inches (1 piece, to keep polish from falling out from the front)

Depending on the size of the bottle, the stand can fit up to 40 bottles, from what I have found.

I hope this was helpful for everyone! Feel free to ask any questions =).

Here are some pictures of the rack/stand.

And here is the link to the video on how to make these racks/stands!

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